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Aaron Edwards – Sacked for supporting real marriage

Aaron Edwards, a former Bible college lecturer, is paying a high personal and professional price for standing ...

Jun 10, 2023

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Africa defies western assault on family values

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Judy Green, an advocate for traditional marriage values in East ...

Jun 3, 2023

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Help “stop the decay” of society by promoting real marriage

The significance of man-woman marriage to the fabric of our society is emphasised by respected writer and ...

May 27, 2023

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Standing for ‘The Invincible Family’ – Interview with Kimberly Ells

I had the privilege of interviewing Kimberly Ells, author of the compelling book, ‘The Invincible Family: Why ...

May 20, 2023

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Victory for Maureen and real marriage!

Last August, you heard the inspiring story of Maureen Martin, a former mayoral candidate, who lost her job ...

May 13, 2023

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Stay-at-home mum speaks out – Anne Fennell interview

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Anne Fennell, Chair of ‘Mothers At Home Matter’ (MAHM), an ...

May 6, 2023

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‘I defend marriage because I care about people’ – David Robertson interview

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Rev David Robertson, former Moderator of the Free Church of ...

Apr 29, 2023

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Academic speaks out on free speech and treatment of marriage

Dr James Orr, an Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Cambridge University and a renowned ...

Apr 15, 2023

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Real marriage is the ‘powerhouse of society’

Roman Catholic hospital chaplain Fr Patrick Pullicino has recently been awarded £10,000 by an NHS trust after ...

Apr 8, 2023

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Tackling Big Tech’s raid on real marriage

Jason Thacker heads up technology research for the Southern Baptist Convention. He’s an expert in public ...

Apr 1, 2023

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Real marriage and crime – Dr Mark Pickering interview

Dr Mark Pickering, an experienced GP and CEO of the Christian Medical Fellowship, regularly visits prisons and ...

Mar 25, 2023

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‘Science shows benefits of man-woman marriage’

Dr Joe Malone, a popular speaker on US university campuses, has researched the scientific basis for the ...

Mar 11, 2023

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