Revitalise education by restoring real marriage

Dec 30, 2023

This week’s video compilation from 2023 highlights the challenges faced by real marriage values in education. The widespread nature of these issues underlines the urgency of addressing them. Listen to the dramatic scale of the problem here:

Of significant concern is the alarming shift in educational content. Activists “want to take away … the ‘man-woman’ relationship as being a normal way of living … they want to break down the barriers between children and sexuality”, one expert revealed, pointing to a worrying departure from family values.

The conversations affirm the importance of man-woman marriage. As one interviewee states, “By getting married and having stable families… we can fight back on this stuff”, highlighting marriage as a cornerstone for societal health.

Despite challenges, the discussions end on an encouraging note, advocating for proactive education on the benefits of real marriage. This approach emphasises the power of informed advocacy in shaping a future that honours and respects marriage.

C4M calls for the teaching of real marriage in school curricula, emphasising it as crucial for the best outcomes for children and the leading indicator of adult happiness.

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