Jul 6, 2024

Professor Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas offers crucial advice for those seeking to promote marriage in a culture where the prevalence of cheap sex challenges the traditional view of marriage. You can listen to our discussion here.

Mark begins by explaining the “exchange model” of relationships, where men and women provide each other with what they desire or need. But the impacts of modern dating and pornography have altered the dynamics of sex and relationships.

Mark observes that “sex is cheap” due to the availability of artificial contraception, pornography, and ‘hook-up apps’, which have made it easier for men to access sexual gratification without commitment.

Nonetheless, he asserts that “monogamy will survive”: marriage will always be the gold standard as people continue to seek a lifelong commitment.

C4M exists to highlight the importance of real marriage as a foundation for a stable and healthy society. Marriage will survive and be restored to its place as the gold standard of human relationships. Our challenge is to limit the damage in the meantime. Mark’s published research provides robust evidence supporting this view and offers valuable perspectives.