Top tips for making marriage valued again

Jan 6, 2024

In our third compilation, interviewees from around the world comment on how to bolster man-woman marriage in society. These enlightening discussions offer diverse international insights into this vital topic. It can be viewed here:

Highlights include the pivotal role of parents in imparting values about marriage and family, and the societal benefits of stable, committed marriages. Experts from across the political divide suggest policy reforms like tax adjustments, as well as supportive measures for promoting family formation and helping couples stay together.

Contributors also tackle challenges in advocating for real marriage, emphasising resilience and the importance of adapting to technological influences on family values.

At C4M, we understand the profound societal benefits of true marriage, a sentiment known (but not promoted) by our policy-makers. We urge the Government to champion and advance real marriage, recognising its unparalleled contribution to the welfare of society.