Those who stood firm for real marriage

Dec 23, 2023

In the first of three compilations from 2023, individuals share their powerful narratives of standing firm in defence of real marriage. This inspiring series is a source of encouragement for all who share our values. Watch their stories online here:

The video captures the resilience of individuals who, despite professional and personal obstacles, remained unwavering in their beliefs. It showcases a range of situations, including a mayoral candidate, an academic, a former police officer, and a schoolboy, among others. Their stories highlight the challenges faced by those who have lost their jobs, been denied crucial services, or had to leave educational institutions for their convictions.

Each account shows that advocating for real marriage, while challenging, serves as an inspiration, paving the way for future advocates and positively influencing societal views on marriage.

Please watch and share these powerful stories. C4M champions man-woman marriage as society’s stabilising core. Inspired by these courageous voices, we can effect meaningful change together.