Interview: Former bishops’ advisor discusses C of E same-sex blessings

Nov 11, 2023

The C of E’s House of Bishops has announced that blessings for same-sex couples will soon be able to be used in public worship. Last month, they released their legal and theological reasoning. Before this document was published, I sat down with Dr Martin Davie, former Theological Advisor to the House of Bishops. This insightful interview can be viewed here.

Martin responds to some of the arguments defending the blessings, giving thoughtful responses from his book, ‘With God’s Approval?

Martin categorises the debate into two primary frameworks of argument. The first leans heavily towards a modern cultural vantage point, often overshadowing scriptural authority, summarised in the sentiment: “We no longer have to take what God says about the matter in Scripture as binding”. The second, on the other hand, delves into the expansive and somewhat misplaced application of blessings, thereby, he says, misconstruing their purpose.

Martin’s stance arises from his belief that the Church’s trajectory should remain steadfastly aligned with divine guidance “regardless of cultural change”. This is well summarised in his assertion: “From a Christian viewpoint, to respond with wisdom means precisely responding in accordance with what God has said in the Bible”.

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