Nov 18, 2023

My interview with David Burrowes, the former MP who spearheaded the campaign against David Cameron’s redefinition of marriage, is a compelling testament to the repercussions of altering a foundational societal institution. Burrowes’ steadfast assertion, “marriage matters absolutely”, echoes through his past and current endeavours. The full interview is now accessible online for those committed to this vital cause.

As the former Prime Minister returns to the Cabinet, David Burrowes reflects on the legislative push that was not “the big issue for Stonewall at the time”. He reminds us that civil partnerships already afforded equal rights, making Mr Cameron’s redefinition an unnecessary move that has led to the very problems he anticipated. Today, we see these outcomes in the form of gender confusion among young people and the erosion of women-only spaces, underscoring Burrowes’ warning that “once you unpick marriage” it will have a “serious effect” on wider society.

Despite facing personal threats and attacks on his family, David’s resolve in advocating for marriage’s sanctity never faltered. He now challenges society and the Church whether enough is being done to promote marriage. As advocates, the call to actively support the real definition of marriage is urgent, as its implications extend far beyond the personal to the fabric of society itself.