Jan 27, 2024

Pastor Paul Dirks, a prominent Canadian author and church minister, shares encouraging insights from his book ‘Deep Discipleship for Dark Days’ on how we can protect marriage in today’s society. My full discussion with Paul is available here:

Paul expresses concern over the current threats to traditional family structure, stating that we’re facing a “frontal assault on the family”. He elaborates on the challenges posed by both overt and “more subtle attacks” on family values. He emphasises the increasing pressure from the State, which he believes is actively wielding its powers “against traditional family cultures and structures”.

In our conversation, Paul discusses the concept of the family as a unit of resistance in society. He underlines the importance of developing a strong family culture as a means of preserving and defending the family unit. To this end, he highlights the significance of establishing routines, such as eating together, to reinforce family bonds and values.

Despite the myriad challenges facing real marriage, Paul observes encouraging signs of a grassroots shift in attitudes. This change, he believes, signifies a growing awareness and appreciation for the importance of man-woman marriage in maintaining a healthy society.

At C4M, we know there are many supporters of real marriage worldwide. Collaboratively, we are dedicated to advocating for and strengthening this foundation of society, in the UK and beyond.