Interview: “Kids aren’t made to bear the weight of grown-up sexuality”

Dec 9, 2023

In a recent conversation with Jeff Johnston from US-based Focus on the Family, he explores how the redefinition of marriage inevitably leads to teaching children about transgender concepts. As a recognised authority on the subject of marriage and human sexuality, Jeff provided an in-depth look at the cascading effects of altering the traditional view of marriage. You can listen to our full interview here:

Jeff stresses that when you redefine marriage, “you’re basically saying your biological sex doesn’t matter for marriage or for parenting”. This redefinition, he argues, not only impacts personal identities but also leads to the creation of perceived new ‘genders’ and sexual orientations.

The legal recognition of these changes has a cascading effect on educational content, influencing what is taught in schools. Despite these societal shifts, Jeff highlights the scientific reality: “Humans come in two types … male and female.” He cautions against the dangers of early sexualisation and the confusion it creates in children, noting, “Kids aren’t made to bear the weight of grown-up sexuality.”

Jeff advocates proactive discussions with children, demonstrating the benefits of real marriage and the distinct, non-interchangeable roles of men and women. He calls for supportive laws that bolster families and safeguard women’s privacy and safety, as well as free speech protections to maintain open dialogue on these crucial topics.

At C4M, we echo Jeff’s sentiment that it’s crucial for us all to actively counter the widespread undermining of marriage in society, valuing and protecting this vital institution.