Interview: One person can make a difference!

Nov 25, 2023

Clare Page shares her story of how one woman influenced politics at the highest level. Her efforts have contributed to a national conversation around how secrecy in relationships and sex education (RSE) is “very wrong for safeguarding but also for democracy”. You can listen to our full conversation here.

Clare highlights three recent reports by The New Social Covenant Unit, Policy Exchange and Civitas. She says these publications illuminate the extent of the bias, revealing an alarming trend of education material that marginalises marriage and actively promotes ideological agendas.

Teaching around marriage “is being attacked”, Clare says. This amounts to the “definition of intolerance” given that the fabric of society is interwoven with the institution of marriage. Moreover, Clare argues that the Education Act, intended to safeguard impartiality, is “being breached continuously all the while every day”. Such indoctrination, Clare warns, is akin to the tactics of “totalitarian regimes” seeking to monopolise young minds.

According to Clare, some working within the government and civil service “want to push their own agenda”. She calls for a public inquiry into the shortcomings of RSE, advocating for “strong restrictions” on something she deems “an incredibly potent subject”. Clare encourages parents to ask to see what their children are being taught and to raise concerns as appropriate.

C4M stands with Clare and all others who think the overwhelming and unique benefits of real marriage should be taught and promoted in schools. Harmful and ideologically-driven teaching that undermines it must be restricted, for the good of children and wider society.