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MP Says Marriage Is “Essential To Society”

It’s great news that the ban on weddings in England ended last week. We’re also glad that an MP has extolled ...

Apr 6, 2021

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Censorship of traditional views on marriage and gender took another sorry step forward this month. Online ...

Mar 23, 2021

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In a statement issued this afternoon, the Vatican’s doctrinal body, together with the Pope himself, affirms ...

Mar 15, 2021

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Police Backtrack: It’s Not Illegal To Offend

A police force in England has issued a humiliating apology after launching a billboard that incorrectly ...

Mar 2, 2021

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ONS U-Turns On Self-ID Census Question

Controversial plans to allow people to ‘self-identify’ as the opposite sex on this year’s census for England ...

Feb 20, 2021

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Threats Made To Lawyer In Marriage Case

A top barrister has said that despite receiving “abuse and threats” she will not step down from a legal case ...

Feb 6, 2021

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‘Back Marriage In Tax System’, Says Think-Tank

A report supported by a cross party group of MPs has called on the Government to recognise marriage in the tax ...

Jan 19, 2021

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Trade Unionist: ‘Stop The Witch-Hunt Against Marriage Supporters’

‘Blue Labour’ thinker Paul Embery has called on liberals and the Left to “stop the witch-hunt” against people ...

Jan 5, 2021

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The founder of Britain’s first fertility clinic for same-sex couples has criticised the 2014 introduction of ...

Jan 4, 2021

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Wales’ Education Bill Will Cut Marriage Out Of Sex-Ed Lessons

Kirsty Williams’s Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill was debated this week. This Bill ditches the current ...

Dec 17, 2020

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PRESS RELEASE: Resignation of Janet Daby for suggesting we tolerate registrars who don’t support gay marriage is blow to religious freedom

The resignation of Janet Daby, a Labour shadow minister for saying that registrars who do not support gay ...

Dec 8, 2020

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Messing with marriage

A consultation by The Law Commission for England and Wales on plans that would profoundly undermine the ...

Dec 5, 2020

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