Denying Biology Is A Vote Loser

Jan 24, 2024

Did the Labour Party just lose a by-election because of its intolerance of common sense on biological sex?

It certainly looks that way.

In the London borough of Hackney, Labour suspended its council by-election candidate, Laura Pascal, after she tweeted her dissent from transgender ideology. “Trans women are not female. By definition they are male,” she wrote on X.

The party subsequently had a change of heart and reversed the suspension, but did so just the day before the election. It was too late and the damage was done. Labour’s vote share plummeted by 13 points compared with the previous vote, down to 31%. The Tories meanwhile came home with 53%.

While it was obviously not the only hot issue in the election, the last-minute suspension and dramatic reversal meant it played a big role in the lead-up to voting day.

Camilla Tominey in the Telegraph(£) thinks it’s pretty clear what happened: “It would surely not be ridiculous to draw the conclusion that the party has lost an election to the Conservatives because it suspended a candidate for stating a biological fact.”

But this party expects to take power at the next General Election, to be held later in the year. If this is the way they treat their own candidates, what hope do the rest of us have?

It is depressing to see a major political party being taken over by the gender ideologues, making life very difficult for those who dissent. Will the party now heed the fact that it is a major vote loser and rein in the intolerance? You’d have to hope so. After all, most of the public is never going to be impressed with a party that clamps down on people merely for voicing biological facts.