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C of E bishops refuse to back gay marriage in church

There’s a lot of important news on marriage at the moment. One high-profile topic is the Church of England’s ...

Jan 21, 2023

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The hijack of Disney by LGBT activists is unravelling

Disney is “a company in crisis”, one of its biggest investors has said, after its share price plummeted 40% ...

Jan 18, 2023

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Census reveals LGBT numbers

Just 1.5% of people in England and Wales identify as gay or lesbian, the latest data from the 2021 Census ...

Jan 11, 2023

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Peers challenge Cambridge Dictionary over redefinition of ‘woman’

The redefinition of marriage has triggered other redefinitions. Members of the House of Lords have called on ...

Dec 21, 2022

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Court awards £100,000 to Franklin Graham

In the UK it is against the law to discriminate against people because they disagree with same-sex marriage. ...

Dec 14, 2022

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Same-sex marriage is ‘massive social reengineering’

Redefining marriage to include same-sex couples constitutes a “massive reengineering of our social life” by ...

Dec 7, 2022

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MP calls on Government to back marriage

Conservative MP Miriam Cates has said the Government must do more to recognise the importance of marriage to ...

Nov 30, 2022

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Time to end the marriage tax penalty

The Government needs to stop penalising marriage and start ensuring it is rewarded in the tax system, a ...

Nov 23, 2022

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CofE Bishop says scrap historic marriage doctrine

One of the Church of England’s most senior bishops has called for the Church to abandon its historic support ...

Nov 16, 2022

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Daniel Radcliffe – the world’s most ungrateful man?

Is Daniel Radcliffe the world’s most ungrateful man? That’s what many have been asking over the last ...

Nov 8, 2022

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Sunak government concerned about inappropriate school materials

After a turbulent few weeks in politics, we now have a new Prime Minister and a new Education Secretary. What ...

Nov 2, 2022

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JK Rowling speaks out against Sturgeon’s trans plans

JK Rowling has been locked in a war of words with Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in recent weeks ...

Oct 26, 2022

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