Was Lord Carey portrait removed from London uni because he supports traditional marriage?

Dec 23, 2016

Lord Carey’s portrait at a London university has been removed – apparently all because he has the temerity to support marriage between a man and a woman.

It was in 2012 that the former Archbishop of Canterbury took part in a rousing Coalition for Marriage event at the Conservative Party conference.

There he accused ministers of plundering the institution of marriage for political motives.

And now, after the Government rejected the views of 669,444 people who signed our petition and ploughed ahead with redefining marriage, King’s College London has removed Lord Carey’s image from its ‘wall of fame’ of alumni.

Ben Hunt, President of King’s Students’ Union and a leader of the campaign to axe the portrait, said: “LGBT+ students over several years had been concerned with the portrayal of Lord Carey of Clifton as an alumni who should be celebrated”.

He said that the new display would “express a community which strives to be accepting of diversity and inclusive”.

The university says the move was so that new TV screens could be put up, and reflect the diversity of King’s’ alumni.

The decision has not gone uncriticised, with one article saying that labelling Lord Carey as a homophobe “is to enter the theatre of the absurd” and that LGBT activists were guilty of “Orwellian doublethink”.

“Their world is framed by identity politics, with positive discrimination for those of favoured status, while any unfavourable attributes (as arbitrarily determined) are open to attack”, said King’s lecturer Niall McCrae and Revd Dr Jules Gomes.

We agree with The Telegraph which said in an editorial that opposition to same-sex marriage “is hardly a marginal one: significant numbers of people have doubts about the decision to afford homosexual relationships legal parity with heterosexual ones.

“Are such people also unwelcome at what is supposed to be one of Britain’s foremost seats of learning? And anyway, even if Lord Carey were in a minority of one on this issue, that would not justify attempts to airbrush him and his views from history: respecting the views of the minority is the central premise of democracy.”

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