Apr 13, 2024

Katy Faust is an international advocate for real marriage and the rights of children. She tells me how redefining marriage is driving a thriving ‘fertility marketplace’ for “custom-ordered intentionally motherless children”. She explains why this issue is so important and what safeguards now need to be put in place. You can listen to our discussion here.

Katy highlights the unintended consequences of redefining marriage, particularly its impact on the institution of parenthood: “Once husbands and wives become optional in marriage, mothers and fathers become optional in parenthood”. She explains how the shift towards a framework of intent, rather than biology or adoption, now establishes parental rights. Anyone with enough money, she says, can use surrogacy to “acquire any kind of child without any kind of scrutiny”.

Our conversation also touches on the broader societal implications of such changes, with Katy advocating for a child-centric approach to marriage and family issues. “If you focus on who children are… what they need and what they long for, that actually answers all of these questions,” she says.

We discuss the pivotal role of man/woman marriage in providing stability and protection for children, with Katy asserting that society should place the interests of children above the desires of adults. She emphasises the importance of promoting and supporting real marriage as a foundation for a healthy society. We should be “looking at every marriage and family issue through the lens of the rights, well-being and protection of children”.

C4M supports real marriage because it’s best for children, adults and wider society. At population level, no other relationship type comes close in terms of positive outcomes. We call on legislators across the UK to put the needs of children above profits and pressure groups, and to promote man/woman marriage as the cornerstone of child well-being.