Apr 20, 2024

Dr Julie Maxwell is an experienced paediatrician and a member of the Church of England’s General Synod. She recently stepped away from her medical career to lead Lovewise, an organisation dedicated to providing evidence-based relationships and sex education materials for children. In our recent interview, she told me why she spoke up for real marriage in February’s Synod session, and we discussed why the work of Lovewise is crucial in today’s societal context. You can listen to our conversation here.

At Synod, Dr Maxwell advocated for marriage’s vital role to be recognised in a motion on the C of E’s Families and Households report. She emphasised, “marriage is important for children,” highlighting its significance in providing stability and well-being for family units. Her stand reflects her deep commitment to reinforcing family values at a foundational level.

Dr Maxwell continues her mission supporting marriage and family through her work for Lovewise. Established by paediatricians, and evidence-led, the organisation responds to the increasing challenges stemming from the breakdown of marriage norms and rising promiscuity. It does this by offering a range of (often free) resources, aimed at schools, youth groups and parents, promoting a positive approach to making informed choices about relationships. These materials are carefully crafted to be both medically accurate and aligned with traditional values, ensuring that education on these topics is accessible and appropriate for children and teenagers.

The proactive and preventive education strategy adopted by Lovewise is designed to empower young people to understand and respect the value of such choices as saving sex for marriage, and the importance of stable, committed relationships. This approach is increasingly vital in a world where many educational resources do not reflect the values that many families adhere to.

C4M is committed to holding organisations and policies accountable when they fail to recognise the unique value of real marriage to society. In a world that increasingly prioritises the desires of adults over the needs of children, we commend the dedication of individuals like Dr Maxwell and organisations like Lovewise.