Apr 10, 2024

Real marriage advocates faced a potential challenge from Scotland’s newly in-force Hate Crime and Public Order Act, which targets incitement to hatred on grounds of ‘transgender identity’ and sexual orientation, among other things. Its introduction has sparked concerns over free speech, not least in discussions about real marriage.

However, Police Scotland’s decision not to investigate social media posts by Harry Potter author JK Rowling, which some claimed violated this law, underlines that we still have the legal right to debate social issues, including marriage. Her case helpfully highlights the legal distinction between ‘hate speech’ and diverse opinions.

The new law’s immediate impact was significant, with around 3,800 complaints to Police Scotland in the first 24 hours, reflecting its contentious nature. This has led to calls for a reassessment of the law, to ensure it includes sufficient protection for freedom of expression. Concerns have also been raised about misuse of so-called non-crime hate incidents.

C4M believes it is essential that we all continue advocating for man/woman marriage – albeit with respect and reason. The Rowling case and broader discussions remind us to defend our free speech rights by actively using them. Real marriage is worth defending.