Welsh mums challenge Government over ‘attack on innocence’

Mar 4, 2023

A group of Welsh mums are taking on the Government over the right to decide what their children are taught about marriage and sexuality. Lucia Thomas from Public Child Protection Wales explains their struggle and determination to succeed.

Lucia says that the Welsh Government has removed parental opt-out, meaning “from the age of 3, children will be taught about sexuality matters” including the possibility of being born ‘in the wrong body’. She says the new curriculum emphasis will “take away the normal man/woman relationship as being a normal way of living”.

The fact that people believe that children are sexual from birth is an attack on innocence, Lucia adds, and she fears the result will see marriage “reducing in importance” in children’s eyes. “When it comes to values”, Lucia tells me, “the best way of bringing up children in this world is having a mum and a dad”.

Lucia says the mums launched their Judicial Review and subsequent process because they are “concerned about every child in Wales”. “Their brains”, she says, “are like sponges” so the only thing we should be saying about sex at their age is, “it’s always a no”. “Children can’t consent”, Lucia concludes.

Lucia talks about the importance of her own marriage and gives some great advice for people struggling.

C4M agrees that the international body of social research shows married biological parents provide the best environment for raising children. While this can’t always happen, the State should pay heed, and children should be taught about the overwhelming benefits of real marriage from a young age.