We turn 5 today

Feb 20, 2017

On 20 February 2012, Coalition for Marriage and its national petition were launched. Within 1 day, 15,000 people had signed up and less than a week later over 50,000 signatures were recorded! It was an extraordinary time which would eventually see the petition grow to nearly 700,000. That’s over two-thirds of a million people who said: ‘don’t meddle with marriage’.

Sadly, the Government rejected those clear concerns from hundreds of thousands of people. But today, as we turn 5, we remain resolute in our beliefs and continue to stand with those who take a brave stand for marriage.

People like the McArthurs who said no to promoting the cause of same-sex marriage and were taken to court as a result.

And we will continue to bring you news of how countries around the world resist the push from the UK and elsewhere to redefine marriage.

So today, on our 5th birthday, we’re speaking out for marriage between one man and one woman. Thank you for standing with us, and today, why not encourage a friend to join us?