Victory for Maureen and real marriage!

May 13, 2023

Last August, you heard the inspiring story of Maureen Martin, a former mayoral candidate, who lost her job after supporting real marriage in an election leaflet. Now, it’s time to celebrate her triumph, joining a growing list of successes for real marriage advocates. Don’t miss her follow-up interview, discussing her recent legal win and determination to go on supporting real marriage.

In the interview, Maureen reflects on the impact of losing her job and shares her experiences since that life-changing event. She believes that had she supported same-sex marriage instead, her circumstances would have been quite different. However, she remains resolute, emphasising that “walking away doesn’t achieve anything”, and underlines the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs.

Maureen also discusses the ranking of protected characteristics in her former workplace, asserting, “we can see from their actions there was a ranking and … LGBTQs are top of the list”. She passionately communicates her belief in the sanctity of marriage: “You can’t replace marriage between one man and one woman”, she says, “it works”.

Her legal triumph, supported by the Christian Legal Centre, serves as a testament to the power of standing up for personal convictions and is a timely reminder that supporting real marriage is protected by law.

Maureen says individuals should think about what they would do, and “look inside [and ask] ‘who am I?’”, long before they come face to face with difficulties in work. This story provides hope for the promotion of man-woman marriage in our country.

C4M celebrates Maureen’s courage in standing for the clear benefits to society of man-woman marriage.