Aug 23, 2017


Last week the High Court in Belfast made two important rulings on same-sex marriage. In both cases Mr Justice O’Hara upheld Northern Ireland’s support for traditional marriage.

Homosexual activists had been attempting to use the court system to coerce the Stormont Assembly into recognising or legalising same-sex marriage.

In the first case two men who had entered a same-sex marriage in England argued that Northern Ireland should not recognise this as a civil-partnership but instead as a marriage.

In the second case, two lesbian couples argued that being unable to marry in Northern Ireland breached their human rights.

In both instances, the judge rightly held that social policy on marriage is a matter for the public through the democratic system, not something to be forced onto society by stealth through the courts.

These decisions are a significant victory for traditional marriage. In the past months, Northern Ireland has been bombarded with propaganda in favour of same-sex marriage. The Republic of Ireland’s Taoiseach even went against diplomatic convention to campaign against traditional marriage.

Thankfully this brave and principled judgment means that the decision of the people of Northern Ireland to support traditional marriage remains in their hands through the elected Assembly.

Ofsted defeated

Further good news was the defeat for Ofsted at the High Court in London. The schools inspectorate had been attempting to place an inner-London primary school into special measures – despite it having academic results placing it in the top ten percent of the country.

The ruling marks the first time the decision of an Ofsted inspection has been overturned by a High Court. It provides hope that schools threatened by the inspectorate for failing to teach same-sex marriage or transgender ideology to pupils will be able to resist this pressure through the legal system.

Exam boards to introduce third gender

Unfortunately the education system itself continues to become odder by the day. Exam board Edexcel, owned by Pearson, has recently announced plans to work with homosexual advocacy group Stonewall to introduce a third category of gender into its reporting of results – ‘non-binary’.

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