UKIP delegates flock to hear call for conscience clause

Oct 1, 2014

Scores of people packed into a UKIP fringe event last week to hear about the need for reasonable accommodation for those who support traditional marriage.

Hazelmary Bull – a Cornish B&B owner who was sued over her stance on marriage – told people how she and her husband had suffered as a result of the case.

She was joined at the event by UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott. He cautioned against an erosion of free speech and conscience.

C4M are asking all the parties to make a manifesto pledge to amend equality law to bring in a reasonable accommodation.

Speaking in a personal capacity, Mr Arnott said that he wanted to live in a society where debate is not stifled, and quoted Supreme Court judge Baroness Hale who has suggested a need for reasonable accommodation.

C4M’s Campaign Director Colin Hart explained: “Lawyers have been talking about this for years.

“It just means that where you have a clash of conscientious views, each side is obliged to make reasonable accommodation for the other.

“Mr and Mrs Bull do their part. They provide rooms to anyone whatever their sexual orientation, but their Christian beliefs about marriage mean that their double rooms are reserved for married couples.

“Unmarried heterosexuals and same-sex couples who want to share a bed have no shortage of other places to stay. Why should the law allow same-sex couples to coerce people like Hazelmary and threaten their livelihoods?”

Simon Calvert, a spokesman for C4M, said reasonable accommodation means continuing “the great British tradition of tolerance”.



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