Tories won’t win majority unless they accommodate traditional marriage supporters

Dec 10, 2014

David Cameron has “little chance” of winning a majority at the General Election unless he makes space for traditional marriage supporters, the head of the Grassroots Conservatives group says.

Bob Woollard says he is “personally convinced” that the Conservatives will not get a clear victory unless they reach “a sensible accommodation on this subject and draw people back who have gone to UKIP or have no intention of voting at all”.

Woollard made the comments in a letter to the Prime Minister in October, but says he hasn’t received any reply.

Woollard said voters felt a “terrible disconnection” with politicians, claiming: “This is what the political elite at Westminster just don’t seem to get hold of. So many of them are just not in touch with the man in the street.”

He is just the latest in recent months to speak out about the after effects of the controversial same-sex marriage legislation. In October Tory MP Sir Edward Leigh suggested the Party should take more care “not to infuriate” supporters while ex-Telegraph editor Charles Moore said last month that the main political parties treat opponents of same-sex marriage as “moral inferiors”.