Top Uni ‘censors’ Lord Carey over traditional marriage views

Mar 2, 2015

A top British University is censoring pro-traditional marriage views, according to reports of a picture of the former Archbishop of Canterbury being removed because he opposes gay marriage.

Lord Carey has responded by warning that free speech is under “exceptional attack”, after an LGBT group leader at King’s College London said refreshing a line up of former students outside the university would mean removing his picture and including “minorities”.

The student newspaper at King’s College is claiming this as a victory against homophobia, after they campaigned to get rid of Lord Carey’s picture because he was involved in a Coalition for Marriage event in 2012.

Lord Carey told the website Christian Today that he is unphased about whether or not his picture is displayed. His greatest concern is, “what this says about the status of free speech in the universities especially in a period when it is under exceptional attack”.

A spokeswoman for the university did not deny that the redesign of the alumni line-up would involve removing Lord Carey’s photo.

At a time when society is becoming increasingly intolerant of views that are not deemed ‘mainstream’, the Coalition for Marriage is standing firm in protecting the rights of citizens up and down the land to express the view that marriage is between a man and a woman.

And now that universities, long seen as bastions for diversity of opinion and academic freedom, are maligning free speech in this way, it is crucial for people who support traditional marriage to have the courage to say what they think.