Think tank founder blasts Government for labelling same-sex marriage opponents ‘extremists’

Jul 29, 2015

The founder of a think tank has blasted the Government for targeting schools which uphold marriage in an attempt to tackle extremism.

Claire Fox, who heads up the Institute of Ideas, said that plans for Extremism Disruption Orders will undermine free speech in order to promote ‘British values’.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Fox said: “When you break it down you then see that they’re actually betraying the civil liberties, the rule of law, they’re actually dictating what teachers teach in schools.

“When they say ‘we want to prevent extremism getting out in schools’ it’s so ironic” because “the kind of schools that have been done over are Catholic schools because of, for example, their views on homosexuality”.

C4M find it disturbing that the Government of this country could equate an opposition to same-sex marriage with extremism.

If that were the case then we, and the hundreds of thousands of others who opposed the redefinition of marriage, will be viewed in much the same light as terrorists.

A more apt definition of extremism might be:

A Government which pushes for the redefinition of an age-old institution, at the behest of a tiny minority, and then forces society to submit to the new state-ordained orthodoxy or be labelled a dissenter or worse.