Thanks for supporting Bryan Barkley – keep going

Nov 14, 2014

You’ve certainly been making your feelings known about the Red Cross’ decision to axe longstanding volunteer Bryan Barkley over his opposition to same-sex marriage. Thank you.

We are aware of thousands of emails, Facebook postings and tweets expressing both support for Mr Barkley and real shock and dismay that the Red Cross took such a decision in the first place.

Read the report in The Daily Telegraph, Friday, 14 November 2014

Four Conservative MPs have also backed a motion in the Commons, urging the Red Cross to reinstate the pensioner.

Tabled by Tory MP Philip Davies, the motion voices deep concern about the charity’s decision, and notes that Mr Barkley’s views were “expressed reasonably, in his own time, and were in no way connected with his work for the Red Cross”.

Colin Hart, Campaign Director for C4M, commented: “Since this case came to light we have been contacted by thousands of supporters of Mr Barkley’s stand. From what we can see on social networking sites, and from news organisations, it is clear that the Red Cross is facing a substantial backlash from its own supporters.”

The treatment of the former volunteer has been picked up internationally, with coverage of the sacking being reported in the US, Italy, France, Russia and Poland.

Despite appealing the decision seven weeks ago, no date has been set to hear Mr Barkley’s case.