Aug 20, 2018

Teachers in Scotland will be instructed to tell children as young as five that “your gender is what you decide”.

The draft guidelines created by Education Scotland, NHS boards and the Scottish Government are expected to come into effect next year.

Children from Primary 2 upwards (equivalent of year 1 in England and Wales) will be told:

“People might think they know your gender because of the clothes you wear, or how you behave, or the things you like to do. You are a unique person, you know who you are.”

Hurting the vulnerable

These guidelines will seem ridiculous to anyone with experience of young children. At five, children simply do not have the capacity to make decisions of this nature.

Thrusting potentially life-changing decisions on children still in very early stages of development is cruel; another example of adult pressure groups putting their agenda above the welfare of children.

Where does it stop? Instead of “congratulations, it’s a boy / girl” perhaps new parents will shortly receive their infant after delivery with a shrug and “who knows, best wait five years and ask”.

But the problem with reductio ad absurdum is that nothing is too absurd any longer for the governments of this country.

The impact, as in the case of the male sex offender moved to a women’s prison and now alleged to have committed four sex crimes there, is felt by those least able to bear it.

We speak up on transgender issues because traditional marriage requires a stable definition of male and female. The issue is integral to the future of marriage in this country, as well as to the safety and peace of mind of many vulnerable groups including children.

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