Same-sex marriage: ‘A David and Goliath struggle for the soul of Ireland’

May 21, 2015

Commentators in the Irish press are increasingly waking up to the fact that redefining marriage in the country will result in true marriage supporters being punished for their beliefs.

Paddy Monaghan of the Irish Times described the referendum as a “David and Goliath struggle for the soul of Ireland”, noting that a Yes vote would have far-reaching implications for teachers, marriage registrars and adoption agencies.

He recognises the sad truth that since Great Britain legislated for gay marriage, “many people have been punished for expressing their sincere beliefs about marriage”.

Monaghan references C4M’s 30 Cases booklet, drawing attention to a teacher, a chaplain and a magistrate who were demoted or sacked for opposing same-sex marriage.

Would genderless marriage be the “exclusive vision of marriage and family taught in primary schools, even against the values of parents and the ethos of individual schools?” he asks.

“If the family is constitutionally redefined, it will become impossible to have textbooks promoting the unique value of a mother and a father in any family. Any attempts to teach the traditional structure will become taboo.”

He also warned: “Freedom of conscience will be challenged by a Yes vote.”

“Service providers will be acting illegally if they decline services for same-sex weddings. Three UK adoption agencies shut down because they were not prepared to provide adoption services to same-sex couples”, he said.

C4M warned of these dangers before the redefinition of marriage in Great Britain and sadly, we have seen these fears become reality.

We hope that at the polls tomorrow the Irish people vote to protect true marriage and the silent majority who support it.