Video: Rousing fringe event at Tory Conference yesterday

Oct 9, 2012

Hundreds of people packed into Birmingham Town Hall yesterday to attend the largest fringe event at this year’s conference – organised by the Coalition for Marriage in opposition to Government plans to redefine marriage.

Ann Widdecome, Lord Carey (former Archbishop of Canterbury) and David Burrowes MP all delivered rousing speeches. At the end the audience were on their feet, cheering and applauding.

In a report about our event, the BBC said: “David Cameron could only dream of this sort of fervour when he delivers his big conference speech on Wednesday.”

Lord Carey accused the Government of plundering the institution of marriage for political motives.

David Burrowes MP called for a referendum on the redefinition of marriage, confident that the public would support keeping marriage as it is.

Ann Widdecombe said the real bigots, the real nasties, were those who believe the state should silence anyone who opposes the plans to redefine marriage.

And Colin Hart, campaign director of the Coalition for Marriage told the audience there is all to play for in this campaign, we can win and keep the real meaning of marriage.