Feb 25, 2015

The Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has written to its congregations ahead of the General Election to affirm its support for traditional marriage and to encourage people to vote for candidates who support it too.

The letter states that marriage is “founded on a loving and faithful relationship between a man and a woman” and describes it as the “basic building block of society” which “provides stability for the nurturing and education of children”.

It continues: “Society needs good and strong families which are dedicated to the well-being of their children.” It argues that: “A commitment to support the family should be at the heart of social and political life.”

Yesterday, the Right Reverend Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury, said: “No-one expects bishops to offer a political programme at election time but to highlight the moral questions which underpin the public debate.

“Faced with the unprecedented scale of family breakdown and its immense human and social costs, this election debate surely cannot ignore support for marriage.”