ROI heads to the polls to decide on redefining marriage

May 22, 2015

Voters in the Republic of Ireland have the opportunity today to stand up for marriage.

It’s been a heated few months leading up to this referendum, with intimidation tactics from ‘Yes’ campaigners being made public.

In April, photos appeared on social media of pro-traditional marriage posters being torn down.

A group of MEPs have even asked the President of the European Parliament to intervene in the referendum, saying the vote has been “seriously compromised” – they highlighted the public support of same-sex marriage from the national police force and the media.

Nevertheless a diverse range of people, including homosexuals, have had the courage to speak out against introducing same-sex marriage, and have urged others in Ireland to join them in voting to keep the constitution as it is – a protection for the family.

Dublin-based writer and commentator Paul Hopkins explained in the Belfast Telegraph that he is voting ‘No’ because of concerns “for the welfare of our children and future children”.

“I don’t want my constitution to deny that it is a good thing for a child to have a mother and have a father”, he said.

C4M hopes the people of Ireland vote to keep marriage as it is.