‘Redefining marriage in NI will hit people who back traditional marriage’

Aug 3, 2016

Workers who support traditional marriage face being sacked, demoted or having their wages cut if Northern Ireland introduces same-sex marriage.

It fell to our Campaign Director Colin Hart to make this clear ahead of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson speaking at a pro-redefinition event yesterday in Belfast.

Mr Hart explained that Coalition for Marriage and its 40,000 members in Northern Ireland do not believe that same-sex marriage would be a positive step.

“Rewriting the current law dilutes our understanding of marriage and opens the door to future redefinitions.

“Those arguing for introducing gay marriage must also address the way a small minority of people exploit this debate to attack those with traditional views.

“Earlier this year in Northern Ireland we saw the terrible situation where a baker and his family were dragged through the courts by a taxpayer-funded quango for declining to decorate a cake carrying a slogan advocating a change in the law.

“In England we have seen other cases where those who back traditional marriage have faced being sacked, demoted or having their wages cut.

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“Changing the law in Northern Ireland will lead to many more similar cases.”

Davidson spoke at Belfast Pride yesterday evening. Ahead of the event, she said: “Scotland is a better place today because of equal marriage and I want to take that positive message from our experiences here to Belfast and beyond.”