Redefining marriage bill is “an appalling piece of legislation”

Jan 25, 2013

Colin Hart, Campaign Director of the Coalition for Marriage, said: “The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill which has been published today by the Government is an appalling piece of legislation.

“It creates two divisive and unequal forms of marriage and fails to deal with the important questions about how to protect those who work in the public sector, especially teachers who we learn today could face being disciplined or sacked for backing traditional marriage.

“No wonder the former Home Secretary David Blunkett described the policy as ‘a complete dogs dinner’ and former Defence Secretary Liam Fox said it was ‘divisive’ and ‘ill-thought through’.

“The current definition of marriage is backed by 70 per cent of the public. Even within the gay community less than 40 per cent see this as a priority, while less than one in five (19 per cent) trust the PMs motives.

“For months David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been saying that their proposals are strictly limited to marriage and will not have any negative effect. But the bill published today finally puts a sword to this lie.

“It is time the Government postpones, or drops this bill before they marginalise hundreds of thousands of ordinary people and wreck the institution of marriage.”