Pope snubs Salmond over support for gay marriage

May 25, 2012

Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, has been banned from meeting the Pope as a result of his plans to legalise gay marriage. The Vatican has distanced itself from Mr Salmond, with Catholic leaders saying a visit to Rome would send out the “wrong message” after the SNP gave its backing to the same-sex marriage.

Referring to a potential visit, which had been on the cards since Pope Benedict XVI visited Scotland in 2012, a senior church official told The Scottish Daily Mail: “the Vatican was keen but same-sex marriage completely destroyed it.”

Colin Hart, Campaign Director at the Coalition for Marriage, says: “Once again we can see just how divisive and controversial the issue of gay marriage is. This is an ill-judged and unnecessary proposal which is causing real harm to the relationship between politicians and the churches.

“The rifts created by this proposal are now spilling over international borders and the consequences of these tensions could be serious. Nearly half a million people in the UK have signed our petition against gay marriage and still the political class press ahead without any consideration for the growing tensions and difficulties caused.”