Pop star: ‘Opposing same-sex marriage is homophobic’

Jul 2, 2015

Singer-songwriter Will Young has said that politicians who vote against gay marriage are homophobic.

In an interview with Channel 4 he said that it was a “paradox” for Nicky Morgan to have voted against the redefinition of marriage and now be acting as Equalities Minister.

He said: “For me it certainly shows a lack of liberal thinking. It’s relying on institutions and thinking that I think is out of date.

“So in that sense it is a little bit homophobic.”

“Can you be a little bit homophobic? You either are or you aren’t. So yeah, it is.”

C4M fails to see how believing that marriage is between a man and a woman is ‘out of date’. This definition has existed for time immemorial and continues to be true and vitally important today.

Writing off the views of hundreds of thousands of people in the UK as homophobic certainly doesn’t represent ‘liberal thinking’.

And Mr Young would do well to allow politicians the right to object to issues which violate their closely-held beliefs – that’s just democracy.