Ofsted inspectors could root out ‘extreme’ traditional marriage supporters under new plans

Jan 22, 2016

The Government is planning to send schools’ regulator Ofsted into voluntary groups up and down the country to enforce vague ‘British values’.

Given Ofsted’s past record, C4M is concerned that this could severely impact the freedom to talk to young people about marriage.

You will recall that last year, Ofsted inspectors left parents feeling aghast when they asked their kids a series of intrusive questions, including whether they think two men or two women can marry.

And now the Government is proposing giving them free reign to monitor sports clubs, church youth groups, cooking courses, driving schools, first aid courses, drama groups and who knows what else!

Any group that provides instruction to under-19s for more than 6 hours a week will be targeted.

The inspectors will be on the lookout for any “undesirable teaching” which conflicts with the Government’s vague and subjective ‘British values’ test, under the pretext of uncovering radicalisation.

But some Ofsted inspectors already seem to think believing that marriage is only the union of one man and one woman is a sure risk of extremism!

The Government claims that the plans will not affect Sunday schools and Scout groups but Ofsted chief Michael Wilshaw has said exactly the opposite.

C4M is very worried and believe everyone who is involved in youth work should be too.

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