Number 10 underestimates gay marriage damage

Apr 24, 2015

The redefinition of marriage has “driven away” more local Conservative members than party chiefs realise.

That’s what a former Tory MP told columnist Iain Dale, who reported it today on ConservativeHome.

It comes in the same week that a Conservative Parliamentary candidate branded C4M supporters “bigots” on Twitter.

Dale wrote that the unnamed politician was unhappy with the Conservative Party’s organisation, and said that many local members had “died” or gone “off to UKIP”.

The ex-MP said: “The policy on gay marriage has had a bigger impact than Number Ten realises locally.”

So while Sarah Wollaston slams C4M for speaking out for traditional marriage, it’s left to former Tory MPs to realise the damage David Cameron has done.

Thankfully Wollaston hasn’t been left unchallenged on her views, with Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali and The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Stanley speaking out.

But it’s not just on-the-ground Conservatives who aren’t cheering at the introduction of same-sex marriage.

Our new booklet shows 30 cases of people coming under fire for their stance on marriage.

It just goes to show that wherever marriage is redefined, people are punished for their beliefs.