New poll: Tory chairmen tell Cameron not to redefine marriage

Oct 7, 2012

As reported in today’s Sunday Telegraph, a new poll of Tory constituency chairmen shows widespread grass roots opposition to David Cameron’s plans to redefine marriage.

Over 70 per cent of Conservative Party Chairmen think the proposals should be dropped, nearly half of associations have lost members over the issue, six in ten chairmen say the proposal will cost the party votes, and 71 per cent say policy had damaged the PM’s standing with the Party.

Colin Hart, Campaign Director of the Coalition for Marriage said: “What this latest poll reflects is the growing unease amongst grassroot Conservatives about the way the PM is trying to force through this policy without any electoral mandate and without any acknowledgement of the profound consequences this change will have.

“We already know from polling that a majority of the public oppose redefining marriage and Mr Cameron’s decision to try and force through these changes is costing him votes. One poll put the figure as high as 1.1 million votes, or 30 seats.

“If the PM continues to press ahead with this deeply unpopular, radical and profoundly undemocratic proposal, then the he can expect to pay the price for this at the ballot box.

“In addition to the 600,000 ordinary people who have signed the petition, a majority of Conservative party Chairmen, voters and ever increasingly his own MPs believe that these proposals should be dropped.

“The Prime Minister, who has made a virtue of ditching unpopular or disastrous policies, cannot ignore the mounting opposition to redefining marriage. This includes in his own constituency, his own party and increasingly in our country.

“I hope the Prime Minister will now listen to and trust the British public when they say that tinkering with the meaning of marriage is not wanted, not necessary and has dire consequences.”