Marriage-wrecking website pushes MPs to scrap lifelong committment

Nov 24, 2014

MPs are being asked to ‘phase out’ the concept of marriage being a lifelong commitment by a website that helps people to have extra-marital affairs.

Mike Taylor, spokesman for ‘Illicit Encounters’, said: “Marriage should be just like a passport or driver’s licence… If individuals are not interested in renewing it, then it expires”.

This is yet another attack on the fundamental institution of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others, for life.

Perhaps it’s not surprising for this particular company to be pushing for marriage to be trivialised in this way, as the website’s premise goes against what marriage is. The website is hoping this idea will gain enough traction with the public to spark a debate in Parliament.

Taylor goes on to say: “If something isn’t working, people don’t just live with it. People are more than willing to change their car or washing machine if it has stopped working, why would they stay in a marriage that isn’t working?”

Writing for The Telegraph online, Jake Wallis Simons highlighted the logical flaw that “you do not fall in love with a washing machine; have children with a washing machine; or promise to remain true to a washing machine as long as you both shall live”.

Wallis Simons says that taking cases of marriage going wrong as “a reason to uproot the basic principle of marriage shows how ethically confused modern society has become”.

In a society that is increasingly confused about the role of marriage, it is our responsibility to uphold this fundamental building block of society.