Marriage petition passes 50,000 …and growing

Feb 27, 2012

In less than one week, the national petition for marriage has gathered more than 50,000 signatures. That number only includes those who have signed up online. In addition, people across the nation are signing paper petitions and posting them in. The Coalition for Marriage produced half-a-million paper petition forms for distribution throughout the UK.

Reacting to news that the online petition passed the 50,000 mark, campaign director Colin Hart said: “In just our first week, 50,000 people have signed the campaign’s petition. They are from all walks of life, religious and non religious, but they all share one thing, a belief that the Government should not redefine the current definition of marriage, which has been the bedrock of society for thousands of years.

“The equalities minister argues that ‘the church’ does not own marriage. C4M agrees, but the Government doesn’t own marriage either. The current proposal is profoundly undemocratic. It wasn’t in any manifesto and the consultation will be about the mechanics of a change not ‘do we need a change?’.

“Our poll shows that most people, 51%, don’t want marriage redefined. Over 50,000 people have signed our petition in just one week. The British people are telling the Government not to meddle with marriage, so why is the Government not listening?”