Marriage is “built into the nature of reality”

Jul 1, 2023

Dr Alastair Roberts is a theologian, author and prominent voice in the study of biblical themes including marriage. In our recent conversation, Dr Roberts brings to light crucial perspectives on marriage, societal norms, and our role in promoting and upholding these values. Our full conversation is available now.

Although speaking as a Christian, Dr Roberts’s remarks are relevant for everyone. He asserts the significance of man-woman marriage, saying it’s “good for the whole of society” and is “built into the nature of reality itself”. He says every culture acknowledges the existence of male and female, and the Bible merely “sheds light upon things that are natural”.

Beyond societal constructs, marriage for him unites our single reproductive system “shared between two parties”. He says this view elevates the natural design of our biology, emphasising: “There’s something good about expressing what it is to be male and female.”

As defenders of marriage, he asserts our duty to “maintain a standard” where “marriage is really upheld and honoured”. He considers marriage a “promise that we make to society and that we make to children that requires self-sacrifice”.

In conclusion, Dr Roberts underscores the inherent worth of marriage, reminding us that it is “conducive to the good,” and urging us to steadfastly uphold this belief.

International social science aligns with Dr Roberts’s perspective on the benefits of traditional marriage. It’s vital to national prosperity and family wellbeing that our Government returns to advocating for man-woman marriage.