Dec 13, 2018

As the year draws to a close, it’s a natural time to reflect on the year gone by and what lies ahead. At the Coalition for Marriage, our tireless focus is on promoting and protecting traditional marriage.

Throughout 2018 we have continually reminded the media and the Government of the importance of man-woman marriage, even as it faced sustained attack from them both.


We campaigned on Relationships and Sex Educationtransgenderism and no-fault divorce, encouraging supporters to respond to the Government using our consultation guidance. We were regularly quoted in press coverage of these and other issues relating to marriage.

C4M is not alone in the world opposing same-sex marriage. We showed this by drawing attention to what groups like Coalition of the Family in Romania were doing. We rejoiced over the good news that Hong Kong and Taiwan backed marriage.

And the Supreme Court’s ruling in the ‘gay cake’ case confirmed that the belief marriage is only between a man and a woman is worthy of respect and protection – traditional marriage supporters cannot be forced to promote same-sex marriage.

Pandora’s Box

The work does not stop here. 2019 will bring fresh challenges, and pressure on marriage supporters will continue.

Civil partnerships may be extended to heterosexuals, creating ‘marriage-lite’ arrangements as an alternative to lifelong commitment.

New Relationships and Sex Education will start to be rolled out in England from September. Teaching real marriage as a gold standard for society must be ensured and parents’ rights as primary educators of their children protected.

The rapid push for gender-neutral spaces and demedicalisation of gender change means that we must continue to tell the truth about transgender ideology.

Speak out

This is just what we know now. Traditional marriage could be threatened by polyamory and ‘throupling’, and same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. Marriage supporters in the public sector in particular could come under pressure to say things they don’t believe.

The need for a coalition of individuals and organisations to speak on family and marriage in the public square in the UK clearly remains.