Lobbying for protections

Aug 2, 2013

When the same-sex marriage Bill was being debated in Parliament, we supported over 20 amendments which would have protected people who believe in traditional marriage.

The Government refused to listen. They used behind the scenes arm-twisting and procedural tricks to make sure only a couple of the amendments succeeded. Having said that, the Government did make a number of helpful statements on the record about the existing law.

Baroness Stowell, a Government spokeswoman in the House of Lords, said the Equality Act and human rights laws make it unlawful to penalise an individual or an organisation for its beliefs about marriage.

We intend to hold them to that. We will highlight any injustice against someone who is penalised for believing that marriage is the lifelong voluntary union of a man and a woman.

We will also press the Government to put the matter beyond doubt by passing specific legal protections in line with their on-the-record assurances.