Lib Dems celebrate latest gay marriage move but critics are dismissed

Dec 10, 2014

From today, same-sex couples can convert their civil partnerships to a same-sex marriage, and senior Liberal Democrats are in a celebratory mood. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and equalities minister Jo Swinson both talk about the change with glee.

According to Mr Clegg, this day is “another celebration for LGBT rights”. And Jo Swinson describes the change as “fantastic for couples in civil partnerships, and for the whole country”.

She also paints those who opposed same-sex marriage as being wedded to the past: “Many entrenched members of the establishment were saying it was a change too far: we had always lived with inequality so why change it now?”

And she claims the debate has “all but faded away”.

Well, we know that’s wrong: with your opposition on the ground and commentators still speaking against the change, it’s clear many won’t be celebrating today.