Leading punk rocker in a 40-year devoted marriage

Feb 25, 2023

Johnny Rotten, the often-controversial former Sex Pistols frontman known for his outlandish dress and rebellious song lyrics, has revealed another side. According to a recent article in NME, John Lydon (his real name) is devoted to his long-time wife of over four decades. She now suffers from Alzheimer’s and John is her primary carer.

The article highlights a song John recently wrote, showcasing the deep love and affection he holds for his wife. This contrasts with the sexualised image of a punk rocker that characterised his former career.

John’s story is not unique. Many pop stars, politicians and public figures, are portrayed one way in the media, while having very different priorities in their personal lives. For John, as for so many others, his marriage and his wife take centre stage.

Research consistently shows that married couples are happier than people who aren’t. At C4M we believe it’s time for government and media to align their words with their actions, by promoting the proven benefits of man-woman marriage.