Kids could be taught about gay marriage under Relationships Education plans

Mar 13, 2017

MPs have given the go-ahead to controversial new plans for Relationships Education in primary schools across England.

At the moment it is unclear just what teaching will be included in the new subject, but it is clear that there will be content on ‘different types of families’ and relationships.

This could mean children as young as four being taught about same-sex marriage.

The Government has outlined another subject for secondary schools called Relationships and Sex Education, which parents will be allowed to withdraw their children from. But primary-level Relationships Education will contain no such right.

Surely this is unjust. Parents have the primary responsibility in caring for and educating their children.

Teaching children that same-sex marriage is a positive choice, in opposition to the views of their family, undermines parents.

Rest assured that C4M will be monitoring the issue closely and alerting you as to when the Government launches its consultation on the plans later this year.

Those of us who support true marriage must ensure that it continues to be upheld in our schools, and in every area of national life.