Irish referendum on gay marriage ‘one-sided, reckless and divisive’

May 8, 2015

A distinguished journalist and author has written an open letter to the Irish Prime Minister accusing him of being “inept” in his handling of the same-sex marriage referendum.

Bruce Arnold, the former chief critic of the Irish Independent, warned that a ‘yes’ vote for gay marriage in the Irish Republic would be “irreparably damaging” to moral life, married life and the future of the family.

He wrote: “I have shown recently how totally out of step with the rest of the world Ireland has become in pursuing an unwanted and unjustified constitutional amendment.

“It is being pushed through in a political atmosphere of almost total ignorance and hysteria. If the referendum is carried, Ireland will be the only jurisdiction in the world providing explicitly for same-sex marriage in its Constitution.”

Mr Arnold warned against meddling with the constitution: “What is now a natural institution that predates the Constitution and is protected by it, will become an artificial creation of the Constitution and be defined by it.”

The journalist said that the public in Ireland “need answers” on a range of issues to do with the outcome and handling of the referendum.

The letter concludes: “I do not doubt that you and your Government have done enormous damage to any fair, balanced and EQUAL handling of this marriage referendum.”

The referendum takes place on 22 May.

It’s our hope that the Irish republic takes to heart the experience of the UK – where ordinary men and women have been punished for standing up for marriage – and say ‘no’ on 22 May.