Ireland votes to redefine marriage – but hundreds of thousands object

May 26, 2015

Same-sex marriage has been backed in Ireland, after nearly 2 million people voted in Friday’s referendum. But it was not the walkover some predicted.

Turnout was 60.1 per cent, with 62.1 per cent supporting the change and 37.9 per cent opposing.

734,300 people voted ‘No’ to redefining marriage.

‘No’ to a change that radically alters the understanding of the word “marriage”.

‘No’ to a change which could lead to young children learning about gay marriage in storybooks at school.

Responding to the result, Mothers and Fathers Matter said the ‘No’ vote did far better than the opinion polls suggested and that it ran a good campaign against “such overwhelmingly powerful opposition”.

The group added: “We are proud to have represented the very many people who did vote No and who had no political party willing to support their point of view. We gave them a voice they would not have had otherwise.”

The UK’s Daily Telegraph put it well when it said in an editorial: “A campaign that has demanded respect and equality for gay men and women would be sullied if believers and others critical of the move are denied respect for their views now.”