Interview: UN undermines “health and innocence of children”

May 11, 2024

Sharon Slater is President of Family Watch International, an organisation providing advocacy around real marriage and family at the United Nations. Her perspective reveals how the UN undermines the concept of conventional family values. You can listen to our discussion here.

Sharon elaborates on concerning agendas which she says often undermine “the health and innocence of children”. These policies often promote early sexualisation of children in developing countries. Therefore, she says, “we have to fight to protect the family”.

According to Sharon, the motives behind such agendas are multifaceted, encompassing power, profit, population control, and the promotion of controversial agendas.

Sharon says her organisation emphasises the use of social science data in its arguments, which consistently show that “children do best in a stable married mother-father family”. She tells me: “When you publish data, they call that hate.” This reflects the challenges she faces when confronting entrenched ideological positions with evidence-based research. She advocates for adult liberties but stresses the need to shield children from harmful ideological indoctrination.

Encouraging everyone to “just do one thing” in support of man/woman marriage, Sharon advises that “becoming informed is the first step to making a difference”. She encourages supporters to take active roles in their communities, as she underlines the power of individual contributions to the broader advocacy efforts.

C4M exist to inform our supporters and help defend man/woman marriage from national and international forces that would undermine it. We know that children, adults and societies flourish when real marriage is respected.