Aug 12, 2023

Recently, I caught up with Peter Williams, the new Director of Family Education Trust, a pivotal organisation fighting for traditional family values within education. We explore the transformation taking place in our education sector and beyond.

Peter lamented the so-called ‘progressive’ developments in society, describing the outcomes as resulting in “human wreckage”.

He shared his startling revelation about the “institutional capture of … the entire education sector, from schools right up into the Department for Education”. This has led to self-identification becoming widespread within schools. In an alarming cluster of cases, children are identifying not just as different genders, but as ‘furries’ or animals!

As Peter put it: “This is clearly much more widespread than people think”. He raises the phenomenon of ‘social contagion’: children adopting certain behaviours or beliefs to add to their ‘social credit’ and thus fit in with their peers.

Peter compares the importance of teaching the value of man-woman marriage, to teaching about healthy eating. Teaching what makes for a “better lifestyle” in relationships is just as important a topic for children as choosing what to eat.

We discussed solutions as well as challenges. Peter suggested that people should not only voice their concerns but also become school governors. He also encouraged parents to be much more involved in their children’s education, urging them to make sure their views and principles are clear.

At C4M, we emphasise the ongoing threats to the very essence of marriage, not just in education but throughout society. We know that societies which value and support real marriage experience the best outcomes. By staying informed, taking action, and working together, we believe we can make a difference and restore marriage to its rightful position of respect and esteem in society.